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The Walkers view of farming is reminiscent of a hoop spinning fast. The idea is the spinning hoop
repels as many inputs as possible coming in and the centrifugal force will send outputs to the
community as healthy options that have minimal impact on the environment and provide people with
wholesome food. When the farm was purchased, the main source of income was an indoor arena
and stables for the horses. The horse barn had only one customer when the Walkers purchased the
farm. Currently all stalls are full – being on waiting list for almost a year is not uncommon.pig

A few years ago, the Walkers partnered with Bright Horizons Therapeutic Riding Center to provide an opportunity for disabled and able-bodied people to have an opportunity to learn to ride horses and work their personal challenges. The center has been very successful and is an asset to the
community. Additionally, Bright Horizons provides Walker Farms with another benefit – horse manure. Walker Farms composts the manure and carbon from the bedding and excess hay and turns it into rich compost to help build the soil on the farm. In the summer, manure is spread on the fields to provide the building blocks of life for the vegetation that supports the various types of animals in the pastures.